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December 5, 2014 / youcanchangethislater

Jean charles Blais, a singing room at Fondation Maeght. 11. 29.14




jcb singing a f m5





jcb singing a f m10

superposition(after Morton Feldman and Philip Guston) , double video .2003

jcb singing a f m6


jcb singing a f m8


jcb singing a f m4




jcb singing a f m9



jcb singing a f m3

“singing”2014  and “patrons” cut wool cloth 1993.



jcb singing- the painting-

“singing”- a small painting 11 .14





jcb singing a f m11

“Miracle” – 2004.










Jean Charles Blais, “a singing room” at Fondation Maeght .  “ceci n’est pas un musée” 11. 29.14-15. 3.15

“Patrons”  cut wool cloth 1993- “superposition(after morton feldman and philip guston)”  jcb& art-netart 2003- “Miracle”, jcb& analogue éditions, Arles.2004-

“Singing” painting on posters 2014


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